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  • LIP WAX (Women) UPPER

    Gentle hard wax that is gentle enough for the face and the perfect choice for thin delicate skin and sensitive areas of the body for hair removal. Gluten free, paraben free, rosin free, beeswax free for effective and long lasting results.

  • Tirzepatide Semaglutide / New Patient

    Semaglutide or (Tirzepatide). A prescription medication indicated for adults with a BMI of >30 for obesity or for patients who are overweight (BMI of >27) who have weight related medical problems to help them lose weight. Ozempic and Mounjaro (Semaglutides & Tirzepatides) are first used for the treatment of diabetes. Diabetics taking these drugs not only experience normalization of blood sugar, but considerable weight loss. Weight loss of 25-30% of starting weight equals that seen with stomach bypass surgery! A 20 lb Weight loss over a month is not uncommon, Most patients lose about 20% of their starting weight in four months because these medications result in loss of appetite and cravings well as marked fullness similar to a gastric bypass. The recently available compounded semaglutides offer the same weight loss with less side effects and much lower cost. For more info on this service please go to the blog section on our website and click on the post entitled "How a Once a Week Injection of Semaglutide Results in Rapid Weight Loss" *To get started on your weight loss journey schedule your consultation below with the Nurse Practitioner. *Your deposit will go towards your visit. ** THIS SELECTION IS FOR NEW PATIENTS ONLY. IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING PATIENT PLEASE GO BACK AND SELECT THE SEMAGLUTIDE OPTION FOR EXISTING PATIENTS.


    - A gentle cleanser is used to clean your skin. - Exfoliation with a mild scrub to remove dead skin cells making the skin look brighter. - Facial massage to increase blood circulation and increase muscle tone. - Steam helps to open pores, is great for oily and acne prone skin and helps if extractions of blackheads are needed. - Masks help with removing impurities and helps put radiance back into the skin. - Toner helps to close and clean the pores restoring the balance of the skin. It is essentially beneficial for acne-prone skin as it doesn’t allow the dirt to settle in on the skin. - Moisturizing hydrates the skin and helps retain and seal in the moisture that it lost.

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