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  • Express Lash Extensions

    Express Eyelash Extensions are exactly as the name implies. These extensions allow for the busiest of the busy to enjoy a flirty, classy and glamorous look at a fraction of the time. Whether you've made last minute plans or just want to accentuate your eyes, we can help you achieve your desires. Schedule your appointment here or call us for a walk-in.


    Gentle hard wax that is gentle enough for the face and the perfect choice for thin delicate skin and sensitive areas of the body for hair removal. Gluten free, paraben free, rosin free, beeswax free for effective and long lasting results.

  • Customized Facial

    A thorough consultation will determine your skin concerns and how to go about your facial customized to your skin type. Perfect for first time clients or regular clients who want to maintain their skin health. Hydrojelly mask included.

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